New project: Trustworthy complex social network analysis (TRU-NET)

TRU-NET is about the development of tools, methods and algorithms for TRUstworthy analysis of complex social NETwork data. It is a particular part of one of the subprojects or “tasks” within the larger €15M SSHOC-NL research infrastructure grant lead by ODISSEI and CLARIAH.
Topics in TRU-NET would cover network data interoperability (e.g., combining online, real-world and register-based data), data temporality (e.g., analyzing historical population data), and identity disclosure risk in social (network) data.
The larger subproject runs from 2024 to 2028 and is led by Frank Takes (Leiden University) and Eelke Heemskerk (University of Amsterdam). Positions (PhD and postdoc) are expected to open early 2024, and will be based respectively at the computer science and social science department of the two universities involved.