This page gives an overview of my teaching activities, which mostly concern courses, lectures, masterclasses and student supervision.



Student supervision

You can always come to me with your ideas for a bachelor or master project or thesis related to my research interest, such as computational network science, social network analysis, graph algorithms, etc.
A list of previous students can be found below.

  • Bachelor thesis supervisor of Vincent Sieraal (2017), Erik Soelaksana (2017), Heleen van Sonsbeek (2018).
  • Master research project supervisor of Giso Dal (2013), Roberto Lucchese (2015), Govert Brinkmann (2016), Nick van den Bosch (2017), Jesper van Engelen (2017), Hanjo Boekhout (2018).
  • Master thesis supervisor of Jiahong Chen (2015), Mahya Mirtar (2015), Richard Enyinnaya (2016), Shuo Yang (2016), Roberto Lucchese (2016), Boyd Witte (2017), Niek Zuure (2017), Toms Reksna (2017), Haoran Ding (2017), Xavyr Rademaker (2018), Kristi Qato (2018), Alain Fonhof (2018), Nick van den Bosch (2018), Thomas Helling (2018).